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Recently, Japan has become a hotspot for travelers and sightseers alike.
In 2017 alone, over 28,690,000 people traveled to Japan from overseas,
the second highest year of all time.
Japan has so many diverse and interesting attractions, it's no wonder why it's so popular. There are well known tourist destinations such as historic Kyoto, Tokyo's game-haven Akihabara, and Hokkaido's beautiful scenic routes. Other appealing factors of Japan, including an array of amazing electronic goods, unique and affordable fashions, and food delicacies such as sushi, are too many to count.

This is not including the many study abroad opportunities to be found.
The incredible economic growth achieved in post-World War II Japanese society has allowed for an environment rich with academic and technological potential and advancement.
Moreover, Japan's human network of person to person connections surely can and will become an important factor in one's life, increasing future prospects immensely.
Without a doubt, Japan is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. It is truly like a toy box, full of new and exciting joys just waiting to be discovered. So please do not hesitate to see these wonderful things for yourself.
We are waiting to welcome Japan.

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We welcome for traveller to visit Japan.

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